High Sierra News – August 9, 2014

News and Notes from the High Sierra Nevada August 2 – August 9, 2014 Rim Fire – One Year Later August 8, 2014 mymotherlode.com Sonora, CA — It has been nearly a year since the Rim Fire ignited in the Stanislaus National Forest. This weekend’s hour-long Mother Lode Views will focus on the lingering impact of […]

How to Pack a Comfortable Backpack

If you’re going to “backpack”, why not make carrying “the backpack” the least of your worries? Use the following tricks to tame your pack so it’s more comfortable and user-friendly while on the trail. STOP LID FLOP Pack lids are often heavy with small dense items, and can flop around annoyingly when your pack is […]

Lightening The Load (of your Backpack)

Ultralight Hiking Hiking lightweight is not a new concept. Since the advent of what we consider backcountry hiking, there have been those who have headed into the backcountry with little more to accompany them than a blanket and a little food. Indeed, anyone who has hiked for an extended period of time knows the value […]